Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The true meaning of network integration April 24, 2007

The way we work demands the type of applications and communication architecture we need. The work environment is moving away from centralized departmental infrastructures to cross departmental, flexible, quick response, “work anywhere” mobile environment. The following trends show how this transformation is taking place:

Moving from desktops to laptops and laptops to mobile devices
Moving from desktop applications to web applications
Integration of web applications and mobile devices
Proliferation of information makes knowledge the ability to research and analyze information. Scientific fundamentals become the foundation, while information becomes a disposable commodity.
Communications takes the form of messages with details passed on to short-span high impact web enabled multimedia clips.
While the growth of high speed data remains stable and linear, the access bandwidth requirements are increasing exponentially by multimedia applications.
High cost of TDM bandwidth is driving “Access” toward more scalable higher bandwidth Ethernet over an IP/ MPLS VPN network.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sprint Wimax
Sprint/Nextel is now well positioned for Wimax offering in the U.S. mid this year and covering the entire NFL cities by the end of 2008. With this and the alliance with the cable companies to offer local Ethernet plus Sprint PCS EVDO/REV A that now covers 200 Million across the United States, Sprint has become a formidable player in providing Broadband “Access Everywhere” for commuters, as well as enterprises across the United States.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Internet as a world panel has provided an opportunity to hear public opinions, not previously heard from. It has also made it hard to hear qualified well researched and thoughtful opinions among all the noise. Some of the noise is intentionally created to quite the legitimate opinions. There is no standard to measure the legitimacy of a fact and therefore there is an abundance of fabricated and twisted stories with no accountability. This is the situation where news is so divorced from facts that become plain entertainment. How can we address this issue is a challenge for a great search engine that goes beyond “keywords” and find a measurement for the legitimacy of the facts and stories. Can this be done without sacrificing the freedom of opinion? I believe there is and this should be a topic of discussion.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Choice and Convergence

The trend in convergence only connects to the customers as far as it makes their job simpler and more manageable. The wireless technology and its promise of connectivity anywhere and everywhere is the main driver of the convergence revolution. Why? Because you have this tiny device and you want it to do everything you were able to do at work or at home.
Fit all the office applications, add TV, music and video, add all your after hour applications in managing your finances and schedule your vacations and brows the WEB. Throw in some games and camera and share it with the world. All within the limits of a tiny device with limited capacity and bandwidth. No wonder that this tremendous challenge is the driving force of innovation in our industry.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Networking solutions

There has been a fundamental change in the way telecommunication companies are selling their services. In the past few years we have seen an exponential growth in the number of products, its complexities and how they converge and extend in way that was not possible before. The main trend is in convergence of voice and multimedia and data with the many wireless technologies and the way they all collapse and mix and merge on the IP network and the Internet. This revolution in technology has created frantic paste of change as well as opportunities and possibilities. The main thing is to understand this trend and make sure that we meet the challenges that it posts to our team. We have a very strong team. I see a team of highly energetic, dedicated and skilled individuals with great history of achievements. We need to change the way we approach problems and the way we solve them