Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The true meaning of network integration April 24, 2007

The way we work demands the type of applications and communication architecture we need. The work environment is moving away from centralized departmental infrastructures to cross departmental, flexible, quick response, “work anywhere” mobile environment. The following trends show how this transformation is taking place:

Moving from desktops to laptops and laptops to mobile devices
Moving from desktop applications to web applications
Integration of web applications and mobile devices
Proliferation of information makes knowledge the ability to research and analyze information. Scientific fundamentals become the foundation, while information becomes a disposable commodity.
Communications takes the form of messages with details passed on to short-span high impact web enabled multimedia clips.
While the growth of high speed data remains stable and linear, the access bandwidth requirements are increasing exponentially by multimedia applications.
High cost of TDM bandwidth is driving “Access” toward more scalable higher bandwidth Ethernet over an IP/ MPLS VPN network.

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